• Babbel’s language text book "Learn German: Beginner’s Course 1" has been developed for English speakers and corresponds to the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Five lessons over 140 pages—consisting of dialogues, illustrations, review quizzes and a vocabulary glossary—guarantee a solid introduction to the German language.

The online language learning system Babbel has just released a Kindle eBook for learning German. “Learn German: Beginner’s Course 1,” conveys the most essential words and phrases, as well as basic German grammar.

Babbel’s celebrated Smartphone and iPad apps have once again confirmed their popularity this month with around a half million downloads. Now Kindle users can benefit, too. With the textbook “Learn German: Beginner’s Course 1,” Babbel has developed an eBook that offers learners a quick and comprehensive introduction to the German language. To optimize the possibilities of the Kindle, some features have been systematically omitted while the learning experience is retained.

For those wanting to deepen their knowledge of the language, there are also online courses with extensive listening and pronunciation exercises. Besides the iOS versions in the Apple app store and Android versions in the Google Play store, Babbel Mobile apps are now available in the Amazon app store for learning French, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, English, Turkish, Polish, Dutch and Indonesian.

Be guided through the eBook with ease and purpose

Divided into five chapters, the eBook “Learn German: Beginner’s Course 1” presents the most important German words and phrases in the context of everyday situations. How do I introduce myself? How do I check into a hotel? Where do I buy tickets? The specific details of the German language, such as when to use polite forms (Du or Sie?), as well as social mores (how to tip, for example) are also explained. This makes the eBook an ideal way to prepare oneself for travel to the German-speaking world.

The eBook was designed by a team of German teachers and native speakers and is based on the most effective of learning methods. After a brief introduction, each lesson begins with a brief dialogue between two characters. Vocabulary and grammar are explained, then summarized in the glossary and repeated in review quizzes. Learning remains manageable and stays light.

The user can intuitively navigate through the eBook: With the menu bar, one can switch to other chapters and insert bookmarks. Learners can mark and store passages as required and compile notes, as well as look up the meaning of words in the eBook using the integrated dictionary with just a tap.

The textbook “Learn German: Beginner’s Course 1” can be purchased in the Amazon Kindle shop for [here] (http://www.amazon.de/Learn-German-Beginners-Course-1-ebook/dp/B0094DBAB2).