• Offering Level A2/B1 and B2/C1 according to the CEFR*, "Business German" on babbel.com prepares learners specifically for everyday work situations.
  • Along the lines of Babbel’s "Business English", learners of German can now benefit from writing, speaking and listening exercises on themes such as "job application", "small talk", and "business trips".

With the new Business German courses on Babbel.com, both beginners and professionals can focus on preparing for essential job-related situations, from the interview to everyday office activities online. According to an internal survey, over a third of Babbel users are studying German for professional reasons.

Following the successful launch of Business English courses on the web, the online language learning platform is now offering its users Business German. In an internal survey, more than 23% of Babbel users said they had to learn German for their current job and 27% because they were searching for employment in a German-speaking country. “Based on this finding, it became especially important to us to cover all situations that might arise in the workplace,” said Markus Witte, Managing Director of Babbel. “We offer maximum freedom: the user can decide the pace at which he prefers to learn, and can also decide for himself if he wants to complete the course or prepare specifically for an appointment with one lesson.”

Just how important it is to speak and understand foreign languages will become clear to anyone on the job search. How do I write a cover letter in German? How do I conduct a meeting or a telephone call? Varied writing, reading, speaking and listening comprehension exercises aimed at verbally preparing German learners - as well as thematically organized lessons- will shed light on all these questions. With an integrated speech recognition tool, the user can practice and perfect her pronunciation. Meanwhile, in the lesson “job application,” there is a special focus on professional cover letters and frequently asked questions about applications, which certainly can be helpful for any professional attempting to apply for a job in Germany.

“Foreign language skills are always an advantage when it comes to standing out from the rest. From conversations with our clients in Germany, we know that there is still quite a bit of emphasis put on a candidate’s German language skills,” says Dr. Katrin Luzar, spokesperson of Monster.de. Particularly successful are young professionals who prepare deliberately for job interviews and work-specific situations.