With his extensive experience in directing and advising international companies such as Bigpoint and MTV, the London entrepreneur Simon Guild will now round out the board of the cross-platform learning system Babbel (Lesson Nine GmbH).

Along with Tony Askew from Reed Elsevier Ventures, Marco Zeller from IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and the two positions taken up by Babbel founders Markus Witte, Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine, Simon Guild will become the board’s fifth member. In this position, he will use his extensive knowledge to assist the management in an advisory capacity.

The Englishman has previously been a board member for Xing and Spreadshirt and as chairman, he supported Bigpoint’s international expansion. Before Guild began focusing exclusively on his role as a board member for various companies, he was responsible for the Europe-wide expansion of MTV, Nikelodeon and Comedy Central as MTV Networks Europe’s CEO until 2006. In addition to his expertise in international business expansion, Guild also has a special interest in online language learning. Along with English, he speaks French and Spanish fluently, and is currently having success learning Dutch with Babbel.

“I believe that Babbel started in the right place with the right team and the right product. It has already started to redefine how we learn languages today and how we will learn in the future”, Guild says.

Markus Witte, CEO and chairman of the board, welcomes the addition of Guild to Babbel. “Simon Guild, both professionally and as a person, is an asset to our company, and I’m glad we’ve been able to bring him over. With his extensive experience, his superior expertise and his extraordinary strength of judgment, he will make a difference in the development of the company.”

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