• A new interactive German course all about Oktoberfest
  • Vocabulary related to traditional Bavarian clothing, expressions and food

The online language learning tool Babbel is making a vocabulary trainer about Oktoberfest available for all visitors to Munich. Useful example sentences and practical pronunciation exercises provide a fast and entertaining preparation for a visit to the world’s largest folk festival. Furthermore, Babbel provides background on the history of Oktoberfest and its attractions.

Both beginners and advanced learners can use the new vocabulary trainer to gain Oktoberfest-related German skills, whether to order a Mass, take a spin on the Hexenschaukel, comment on a beautiful girl’s Dirndl, or simply to discover a new side of the German language.

The short dialogues between two Oktoberfest visitors and the additional information windows are filled with cultural and historical facts about the festival. In the last of six lessons, courageous learners can try their hand at the Bavarian dialect as that is what every new arrival will encounter, at the very latest when they enter the festival ground. The Babbel apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 offer mobile learning and the chance to delve deeper into the German language. So then, O’zapft is!