• Number of customers tripled in the last 12 months
  • Turnover in the double-digit million range, 130% growth compared with 2012

Babbel, the online learning system for languages, reports three-digit growth figures just in time to celebrate its sixth birthday. More record highs are also expected in 2014. The massive increase in demand at Babbel is attributed to the high product quality and strategic personnel development, focussing on the needs of the users. This year, the Berlin-based company continues to set its sights on growth with the introduction of a new language, as well as international expansion.

“Such growth figures of well over 100% are fairly common for very small companies, but in our size range it’s a huge success. This development is only possible because of a massive international trend towards language learning for adults. New technologies and products such as ours motivate millions of people around the world, also after school and university, and also without direct pressure, to learn new languages or to refresh existing language skills.” explains Markus Witte, Babbel’s CEO.

The number of active customers has nearly tripled in the last year and in December, on average more than 1300 new users registered every hour, signing up for the free trial. Significantly higher numbers are expected for January. Customer satisfaction is still very high: “We are receiving right now in January many thousands of emails with questions and sometimes also with criticism. We appreciate these and take care to ensure that our users have fun learning with Babbel. This is also reflected in the high ratings our apps receive in the App Stores.” emphasises Stephan Seyfarth, Director of Customer Service. The Babbel apps have now been downloaded 20 million times.

Babbel looks back at an eventful sixth year: After the second round of financing of over 10 million US dollars in March 2013, the startup was further strengthened with a top-class Board. In addition, five top managers from companies such as Accenture, Bertelsmann and Team Europe have just arrived in the team and reinforced the international management team. By popular demand of the users, two more languages, Danish and Norwegian, were added. The new design, including the new Babbel logo, creates a unified learning environment across all platforms - from Web through Tablet to Smartphone. Learning on-the-go has been made even more attractive thanks to the comprehensive updates to the Babbel apps for iOS and Android.

For 2014, in addition to the further expansion of the Babbel teams, among other plans there will be the development of new course formats, as well as the introduction of Russian as a new language. Germany is still the largest single market for Babbel, but already now most customers come from abroad. With significantly increasing figures, the proportion of international users will continue to increase in the new year. It’s not just the TV campaigns launched recently in France and Italy that are contributing to this, but also the proliferation of Babbel via the App Stores and the huge international response.