• Babbel English Test powered by Cambridge English launches Cambridge English testing into the digital world
  • Co-developed online assessment offers highest quality and full flexibility
  • Starting at €39, the Babbel English Test offers a test for work or self-assessment

Babbel, the world’s top-grossing language app, and Cambridge English, the global gold-standard in language assessment, launch the Babbel English Test powered by Cambridge English. This online language assessment allows adult learners of English to assess their listening and reading skills online from level A1 (beginner) up to and including B1 (intermediate). Test takers will earn a certificate of achievement, which can be downloaded and used to demonstrate English skills to potential employers, for self-assessment, when warming up for an exam, or to enhance an online career profile.

The Babbel English Test is available now as part of the Babbel back to work bundles for €59 and separately at a cost of €39.

”Online language learning is taking off in a big way”, says Juliet Wilson, Director of Assessment at Cambridge English, “but until now it’s been difficult for learners to know whether they are really learning the right skills, or to demonstrate their real level. What they know? By working with Babbel, we can give learners reliable evidence of their progress and a certificate of achievement that demonstrates what they have learned. Cambridge English exists to help people to learn English, and prove their skills to the world, and we have chosen to work with Babbel because we are impressed by their energy and commitment to delivering high quality language learning.”

“With 10 years of experience teaching languages online behind us, we are well aware of the need for flexible and mobile language tests. However, ensuring the test’s quality and validity was paramount”, commented Thomas Holl, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Babbel. ”This is why we are immensely proud to launch the Babbel English Test with Cambridge English, the biggest and best name in language assessment. Together we’ve created the highest quality English test on the digital learning market.“

The Babbel English Test features a set of around 70 different questions per session, each testing a variety of listening and reading comprehension skills. Like Babbel’s lesson content, these tasks reflect authentic, real-life situations. These include, for example, images of posters and signs, listening tasks featuring recordings of speakers with different accents, as well as radio-broadcasts and real conversations. The exam itself has hundreds of potential variations and will never be the same twice, no matter how often it is taken.

About Cambridge English:

Cambridge English Language Assessment is a department of the University of Cambridge. They develop and produce the Cambridge English exams and qualifications for language teachers, which are taken by over 5 million people in 130 countries every year. Around the world, over 20,000 universities, employers, government ministries and other organisations rely on their exams and qualifications as proof of English language ability. They also develop a leading range of support materials and courses for students and teachers around the world.

Cambridge English is a not-for-profit organisation which exists to help people to learn English and prove their skills to the world. All of their work is supported by a dedicated team of researchers.

Cambridge English has played a leading role in the development of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages since its inception and also provides support and consultancy to institutions, ministries and regional and national governments around the world in a wide range of projects involving language learning, teaching and assessment.